Luminary Leaders

Hi, worldwide community! Get involved by becoming a HESEC Luminary Leader.

Contact our Director of Member Development, David Saul Acosta at if you are interested in getting involved. 

Luminary Leaders General Guidelines

Revised May 2020

HESEC Luminary Leaders represent HESEC worldwide.
 The goal is to have students who are not local to Cambridge, MA to be more involved
with the club.
 The mission is to have Luminary Leaders in as many cities as possible to spread
environmental awareness.
 It is a voluntary program for HESEC members. Members must be current or former
Extension School students and have filled the club’s membership form.
 The Luminary Leaders program is managed by HESEC’s Director of Member
 Luminary Leaders must send a short bio to be added to HESEC’s website and therefore
agree to be contacted by people interested to connect with them.
 Luminary Leaders are in charge of organizing events in their local area. They must
organize a minimum of 1 event in the spring semester and 1 event in the fall semester.
 Events planned:
o Can be small events like touring a museum, meeting in a coffee shop or any other
interesting event for local students.
o Must be discussed beforehand with HESEC Director of Member Development
o Must be promoted in HESEC’s newsletter
o Photographs are encouraged to be taken so they can be included in HESEC’s
o Views expressed in any of these events are personal and are not Harvard’s nor
o Due to the pandemic, social distancing guidelines must be respected. Events will
be conducted virtually until it is safe to have social gatherings. At least one virtual
event in the spring semester and one virtual event in the fall semester.